James Rexford – Candidate Kansas House 121

Hello! My name is James Rexford, and I am running for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives to represent District 121. I welcome you to this page to learn more about me.

My Political Philosophy

I am motivated to seek political solutions that combine a respect for individual human rights and freedoms with a desire to build stronger communities. I will always focus on pragmatic policies that merge what is best on the right and the left of our political spectrum to achieve better lives for everyone, with an eye on prioritizing those who are the least well-off. I believe that we display what is good in the political realm with the quality of our actions toward those most in need of support. We should continually search for ways that we can make the lives of our neighbors and ourselves a little better.

How You Can Help


Every election, politicians tell us that the current election is the most important ever in our history or our lifetimes. This time, it may not be just hyperbole. If you believe that we need change in Kansas, if you believe that bi-partisanship and compromise solutions are still possible, and if you believe compassion has a place in politics, then please get out and vote in this election. With your help, I will work to make those beliefs a part of our politics in Kansas.

Yard Signs

If you would like one of my campaign yard signs to display on your property, then please email me at RexfordforKansas@gmail.com and I will provide you with one.


If you would like to donate to my campaign, you may do so online through Act Blue at the following link:


Paid for by Rexford for Kansas – Gerald K. Gentry PhD, Treasurer